Beloved Annabelle

Four weeks ago, we lost our beloved cat, Annabelle. Bella had been part of the family for over 13 years.

It came unexpected, but apparently, she had some ailments which we didn’t pick up on.

In the end, the only humane thing to do, since her organs were shutting down and she was in pain, was to put her to sleep.

I was devastated, she was my cat, my first baby…….I was also the one that found her in the backyard on that Monday afternoon in a bad way.

The one thing that hubby and I did not know what to do, was how do we tell the kids. A 2-year-old and a four-year-old, would they understand? They didn’t know Annabelle was sick.

I spent the Tuesday researching ways to tell children and got some tips but we needed to work out what we were going to say and soon – we were sure they were going to start to ask questions.

On Tuesday night, Master M was eating dinner, he stood up and said: “Oh, I go see Annabelle…” I went to stop him…. I didn’t need to as he turned around and came back and said: “that’s right!”

I asked him what he was talking about, Master M told me:

“Oh, Annabelle is not here!” I asked where she was….

“She is on the farm mummy…..a little farm,” I asked who told him that…

“The man mummy, the man from the big farm,” I asked him ‘what man”!

“The man mummy!!!”

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