Slowly Slowly

The two words that were constantly coming out of this mother’s mouth, were the two I was saying most often “HURRY UP.” She was rushing her daughter everywhere from the moment she woke up until it was time for bed.

I always seem to be rushing, from activity to activity to shopping to work to day care to home to a bath to bed…..wherever I am going, it is always a rush. I am a very on time person, so I hate to be late, and kids being kids tend to dawdle which is where the antsy me steps in.

“Why are we stopping??”
“Don’t pick flowers, we do not have time!!”
“Get in the car!!”
“Don’t stop to talk to the cat; we need to go!”
“You do not need to go back and get another toy!?!”

I think in society today there is the feeling that there is just never enough hours in the day to do what is needed to be done. To save a few minutes here gets you a few minutes more of doing something else.

Garden flowers

I find this a lot being a part-time worker, technically cramming in a full-time job in 3 days. I have become a master at being on the GO.

Though today was different, Miss Z was at home today as she has not been too well. I was working from home. I took Miss Z out to Kmart to stock up on some coloring books to keep her amused for the afternoon and tomorrow. So since I was using my lunch break, we had an hour to do something which would normally take 15 minutes.

I found we wandered around slowly, stopping to look at things, I let Miss Z pull the cart around, we stopped and read a page out of a few different books that caught her eye, we cuddled the soft toys. Miss Z helped me scan the items at the self-check out and packed them into bags, we walked past the cake shop and looked at the yummy cakes.

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First World Problems

On Saturday afternoon when I got home, I was complaining about how long it took for the girl to do my pedicure. I had been sitting in the vibrating massage chair for that long; I started to get motion sickness.
I took to Facebook and Twitter to vent – to which my hubby replied that it was just a “first world problem.”

I realized how much I whinge about things that are unimportant in the big scheme of things:

Going out to breakfast and finding the butter is too cold to spread on my toast – first world problem!

My sushi restaurantWalking 15 minutes to my favourite Sushi place only to find they have run out of King Crab Nigiri! – first world problem!

  • The frother on our coffee machine has not been working well so I have been unable to get nice, hot frothy milk for my morning cappuccino – first world problem!
  • In a busy car park, seeing an empty car space, racing towards it, go to reverse into it, and realise there is a motor bike already in it! – first world problem!

Reading these now, they seem petty, not worthy of complaining about, but that is what I do.

This is a similar situation when I look at my kids, and hear & see them fighting, over something so trivial:

  • First child is playing with a toy and the second child walks in playing with a teddy bear, which the first child now wants, and a melt down occurs.
  • If a Wiggles DVD is not put on within seconds of requesting to watch it, tears start flowing.
  • A bottle of milk has not been heated to the correct level of warmness and is thrown across the room by a screaming child.

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Romance 101 Date Night

My hubby and I do try and have a date night when we can wrangle in a babysitter; that is if my mum is here from Queensland or we pay $20 per hour for the privilege!

Back in my day (oh…that makes me sound old!) it was $5 per hour for babysitting! That is inflation for you. However the kids love our babysitter, so it is all good, anyway I digress!

Hubby and I spend time as a family but not so much time as a couple.

I said recently that it feels like we are currently work colleagues running a day care center (I am the room leader of course)! 😉 Our life is all about entertaining, feeding, bathing, putting the kids to sleep and tidying up after them! This is all we seem to do ‘together’.

Ideas for date nightsSo to ensure we are not simply ships that pass in the night; ships were going from child’s room to child’s room to our bedroom and back again at 2 am, we make a point of having regular time to ourselves! 🙂

My suggestions for date night ‘dates’ are:

Going to the movies

Go watch a movie with no interruptions……..bliss!

A big bucket of popcorn, a sneaky choc-top, holding hands, can be so reminiscent of the early days!

And it doesn’t have to be G rated, nor does it have to star Diego or Peppa Pig!

Romantic dinner

Make sure it is an intimate setting, close-set tables, quiet, cozy…….you don’t need room for a pram or high chair!

No need to rush either as there is no toddler sitting next to you itching to go running around the restaurant or throwing cutlery off the table or trying to eat the salt out of the shaker.

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