Just like you give all the other rooms ample attention, devote the same attention to your staircases. Staircases can be tiled, wooden or carpeted. This article will, however, talk in depth about carpeted staircases; how to clean them and how to take care of them in general.

Carpeted stairs are not only beautiful, but they also come in handy as sound proof to minimize the sound from all the foot traffic. Our cat Annabelle used to shed and leave cat hair on the carpet and sofa. Cleaning a carpet is hard enough, how about cleaning carpeted stairs? You guessed it; it can be quite tasking not to mention time-consuming. Let’s look at an easy way of cleaning your carpeted staircases;

Rinse/remove excess water

Woman using a vacuum to clean a carpetOnce you have applied enough carpet shampoo to your carpeted staircases, follow up the exercise with a dry or a wet vacuum to remove the excess water.

If you do not own a vacuum cleaner, an absorbent towel will come in handy.

Work with one staircase at a time (shampooing and drying) to avoid mold or any other contaminants from forming on the staircases.

If possible, allow the staircase to dry for twelve hours

Once dry, use a vacuum cleaner on the staircases again just to remove any remaining dirt or any excess water.

If your staircases have a high human traffic, it is advisable to vacuum them once a day to make sure there’s no dirt build up. Also, you do not need to shampoo every other time; once a month is enough.

Rake all the debris

To remove any debris on your staircases, use a scrubbing brush or a stiff broom. You need to pay special attention to all the corners as well as the edges. Starts at the top of your staircase all the way down to make sure all the staircases are cleaned.


Use a Bissell revolution deep cleaner or any other vacuum so long as the cord does not get in your way. You can also use a turbine-powered handheld cleaner but make sure it hooks directly to your truck mount or a portable extractor. Make sure the vacuum cleaner has a brush, or the hose attachment should be able to suck up all the loosened dirt.


Use your favorite carpet shampoo and apply generously using a brush. Let the shampoo soak in the fibers and pay special attention to areas that are heavily soiled or stained

If your stairs are not carpeted, then cleaning them should be easy; clean the same way you clean your floors depending on their type.

The fact that there’s a lot of foot traffic on the staircases should tell you that you should devote some ample time to cleaning them. Cleaning the staircases also means you clean everything around the staircases ranging from wall hangings to any potted plants or small windows.

Stairs or staircases being a pathway and not really a destination; one is bound to give less attention to the staircase. You find that most people will only clean the ground floor rooms and the upper floor rooms well and they just dust the staircases if there is any time left.

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