On Saturday afternoon when I got home, I was complaining about how long it took for the girl to do my pedicure. I had been sitting in the vibrating massage chair for that long; I started to get motion sickness.
I took to Facebook and Twitter to vent – to which my hubby replied that it was just a “first world problem.”

I realized how much I whinge about things that are unimportant in the big scheme of things:

Going out to breakfast and finding the butter is too cold to spread on my toast – first world problem!

My sushi restaurantWalking 15 minutes to my favourite Sushi place only to find they have run out of King Crab Nigiri! – first world problem!

  • The frother on our coffee machine has not been working well so I have been unable to get nice, hot frothy milk for my morning cappuccino – first world problem!
  • In a busy car park, seeing an empty car space, racing towards it, go to reverse into it, and realise there is a motor bike already in it! – first world problem!

Reading these now, they seem petty, not worthy of complaining about, but that is what I do.

This is a similar situation when I look at my kids, and hear & see them fighting, over something so trivial:

  • First child is playing with a toy and the second child walks in playing with a teddy bear, which the first child now wants, and a melt down occurs.
  • If a Wiggles DVD is not put on within seconds of requesting to watch it, tears start flowing.
  • A bottle of milk has not been heated to the correct level of warmness and is thrown across the room by a screaming child.

These are real eye-rollers! Though it is the same for us adults, some people are probably rolling their eyes when a person complains that they are typing too fast that their fake nails keep hitting the wrong keys!

Why do we do it? Is this as bad as things get? Well, we should count myself bloody lucky!

Let me hear your worst first world problems!

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