My hubby and I do try and have a date night when we can wrangle in a babysitter; that is if my mum is here from Queensland or we pay $20 per hour for the privilege!

Back in my day (oh…that makes me sound old!) it was $5 per hour for babysitting! That is inflation for you. However the kids love our babysitter, so it is all good, anyway I digress!

Hubby and I spend time as a family but not so much time as a couple.

I said recently that it feels like we are currently work colleagues running a day care center (I am the room leader of course)! 😉 Our life is all about entertaining, feeding, bathing, putting the kids to sleep and tidying up after them! This is all we seem to do ‘together’.

Ideas for date nightsSo to ensure we are not simply ships that pass in the night; ships were going from child’s room to child’s room to our bedroom and back again at 2 am, we make a point of having regular time to ourselves! 🙂

My suggestions for date night ‘dates’ are:

Going to the movies

Go watch a movie with no interruptions……..bliss!

A big bucket of popcorn, a sneaky choc-top, holding hands, can be so reminiscent of the early days!

And it doesn’t have to be G rated, nor does it have to star Diego or Peppa Pig!

Romantic dinner

Make sure it is an intimate setting, close-set tables, quiet, cozy…….you don’t need room for a pram or high chair!

No need to rush either as there is no toddler sitting next to you itching to go running around the restaurant or throwing cutlery off the table or trying to eat the salt out of the shaker.

You can sip your wine slowly and chew your food the recommended 20 times. There is no need to inhale your meal quickly as you do not need to go and change a ‘number 3′ which has announced itself in your child’s nappy and in the noses of the diners seated around you!

Relaxing massage

The best part is to get a couples room, very romantic. You can get a massage on your own, but this is something more special. However, ensure that your partner is not the type that falls asleep mid-massage and proceeds to snore!

Just be careful though, date nights can lead to romancing which can sometimes lead to other things, like a little surprise nine months after that romantic night out at the movies! 😉

Do you have a regular day and time scheduled for you to spend some quality time with your partner? Where do you like to spend your date nights?

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